Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Losing weight together

Guest post written by Miriam Sloop

Every once in a while I'll get really into a workout routine and be really enthusiastic about it. But then if something happens that won't let me continue to do it and if I even miss a few days for some reason like a project at work or getting a cold for a few days, then I'll get out of the routine of the work out and stop doing it. I don't want that to happen that again.

So this time I'm getting my teenage daughter on board because she's been talking abotu how she wants to start some good exercise habits before she goes off to college. I got to looking online with our clear tv bundle about some easy exercise things that we could do together.

I found this one really great web site that has all kinds of workout instructions and routines on free videos that you can stream right on it. Me and my daughter have tried it out with yoga and pilates which are more of my speed and kickboxing, which I think is her preferred method of exercise.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Practicing for the Halloween party

Guest post written by Kaylie Turner

When it comes ot most things in life, I tend to do stuff at teh last minute. And that honestly works for me, but if it's something that I'm really excited about, I'll actually plan for it ahead of time. That's the case with Halloween.

We always host a Halloween party every year and that's one of the things that I take a lot of care planning. I was online with my wireless internet service a few days ago trying to come up with some recipes for us to fix for it and am really excited because I found some that I think will be really different.

Now we don't have kids and a lot of our friends don't either, so we're going to be serving alcohol at our party and i found some good drink recipes. Some of those are shooter recipes that have all kinds of crazy Halloween themed names, like The Devil's Tequila Furnace, which frankly just sounds a little crazy. I think we're going to have a really good time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday:Candles

Candles lit

Headed to Lion Country!

Author: Theresa Guerrero

Nothing is better than heading to State College, Pennsylvania to spend the day at the Nittany Lion's football field! We look forward to going to these games every year. That is why we buy season tickets. If for some reason we are unable to go, due to an illness or other obligations, we rely on DirecTV to watch the game.

Because we live further away from the University, we usually make it an overnight stay. Sometimes it turns into an entire weekend getaway if the games are held later in the day. Traffic can be pretty congested during these weekends so we want to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the game and staying overnight seems to take some of the stress off.

We enjoy seeing the coach, Joe Paterno; the team players, old and new; and of course, the Nittany Lion mascot! And what more can be said about the Penn State students, they add an amazing amount of energy to the stadium! Whether one is decked out in blue and white or attempting a complete 'white out', it is great fun for our family and the friends that go with us!