Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Musical Career

So we've been watching Glee, and watching the awesome performances on that show got us thinking about our own very excellent musical entertainment skills, which we put to use most recently for Chiquita and The Lord when they visited over the summer. So we're thinking of starting our own group. Why stop at a media empire, right? We're Renaissance women, we can multi-task. As Kathy Griffin has taught us, why stop at an Emmy when you can try to win a Grammy too?

There are only a few small problems. None of us really play any instruments - we don't know piano chords, tambourine chords? Is there even such a thing as piano chords? Or is that more of a guitar thing? Maybe we can just get away with fake-playing, like they did on The Partridge Family. Or we can try to bring the triangle back as an edgy trendy instrument that everyone wants to play. Can you tell that I went to a tiny elementary school where we didn't learn to play instruments? (Or whether piano chords actually exist.) We may need to take some remedial music lessons or find some sort of supergroup boot camp to go to before we start recording an album or performing in Penn Station.

Okay, maybe we'll just stick to singing, show choir style. At least that we know we're totally awesome at. And dancing, of course. So if anyone wants to join our group, let us know soon, cause we're totally going to make it in New York City like in our favorite movie of all time, Fast Forward. Then comes the reality show, and then the memoir, and then onward to the empire! There's absolutely no way that this plan can possibly go wrong...right?

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